Things that make us smile:

  • Walking to the Bayanzurkh Zaakh on a beautiful fall day, knowing that the cold is only days away.
  • Accepting an invitation from a sweet young couple to visit their home and hold their newborn.
  • Shopping for a baby gift.
  • Walking into a bashan with Elder Francom, Elder Fillmore, and Elder Bilthguun only to have a new mother nursing in full view, the Mongolian way!
  • Holding a newborn!!!
  • Bumping into other couples and making plan when we all complete our Saturday visits.
  • Accepting the opportunity to edit papers for a Mongolian who wants to conquer English to go to school in Australia.
  • Visiting with the Fords, a senior couple from Layton who served here several years ago.
  • Attending “Girls’ Night Out” hosted by Sister Benson and Bella–it doesn’t get much better than making crepes together and viewing the newest version of “Cinderella” together.
  • Teaching a six-year-old English and feeling how sweet and smart she is.
  • Kicking myself for not wearing proper shoes in the ger district–what was I thinking!
  • Bathing veggies and fruits for the upcoming week.
  • Saying “good-bye” to to a very special Sister Hawkins who went through the English classes with us at the MTC.
  • Volunteering to go to the Khuun-aal Ward Open House to explain Self-Reliance with NO translator!
  • Seeing Mongolians set out cucumbers for treats like Americans set out cookies!
  • Coaching some of the young missionaries on how to be more effective with 40+ English students that come to the Bayanzurkh Building for FREE lessons four nights a week.
  • Bribing Michigan Test Prep Class students with “American candy” if they bring their homework back completed.
  • Helping two Sisters try to find online toddler games (English ones) to keep 10-15 four year olds busy at the end of a long day.  They are still at school at 6:30 at night!
  • Trying to be friendly when we ride our elevator and finding that a two-year-old knows how to speak a bit of English.
  • Passing by older children who say “Hi!” and start responding to simple English questions.  Sometimes we wonder if they get EXTRA CREDIT when they speak to an English speaking Americans.
  • Cleaning out the mission storage room–we will NEVER use all the old, stained dish drainers or the pan-less lids that we decided to donate to an orphanage.

And most of all, we smile when we think of home.  We smile when we wake to an email or a text telling us that life goes on back there.  We smile when we can Facetime with a granddaughter about some grammar homework clear across the globe!  Our family is amazing and is doing so much while we are gone.  Our friends even tell us that all is well and we are so grateful to all of them. Most of all, we are grateful for firm testimonies of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and marvel at His Atonement.  May we all continue to work towards our eternal goals…and smile along the way!


Elder & Sister Francom


One thought on “SMILING!!!

  1. Glad you are smiling and enjoying your mission. Theses are many things to smile about. We had our ward camp out yesterday at the Spruces. When we woke up this morning it was 37 degrees! Glad we had the trailer. We’ve started our new Church Service mission at the Salt Lake Cannery. Our call is for 1 year and we work every Wednesday as ‘Food Processing Workers’. We’ve been making spaghetti sauce and start on salads this week. That usually takes three weeks and then we do apple sauce for about a month. We are both working at the chocolate store this year and will start there in mid October. Hopping to save a little money far a Panama Cruse.

    It is always great to get your emails. Love you guys.

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