Another Week in Mongolia…

Another week…sometimes we are just amazed that it’s time to write another blog entry! How time flies!!! We are progressing in our search for the important things–like BYU games…LIVE! In the past, we’ve been able to listen to KSL Radio but things are getting better. We actually streamed it and saw the whole game but, sadly, it wasn’t the best of games to be successful on at our end. BYU lost their first game and their star quarterback…could we be “bad luck?” Then, on Friday morning Elder Francom listened to the pre-game show for the Florida game but we had to go teach English during the game and found out the results when we got home. Another sad day! Elder Francom is a big fan but at least he knows to be a missionary first! It’s fun having technology that is good enough to send things clear around the world…oh, what a time to live! We hope to continue to stream the games as long as its not in the middle of the night OR during our service time! Go BYU!!!

After the game we walked to our two of our local stores to get ready for the coming week. We find that we’re that return trips are necessary because our fridge is so small that we have to return for milk, and then vegetables just don’t stay fresh very long. We sometimes shop for these extras during our lunch hour or we go home at the end of the day for comfortable clothes before heading out.

On Sunday, after returning from our regular church schedule, we were able to listen to Saturday’s General Conference talks. It was wonderful to be almost in the comforts of our home. We will be able to watch all the sessions next week at the church. General Conference is a week later so the sessions can be translated into Mongolian for the local saints.

Since our mission president was in the states until Thursday of this week, the Senior Missionaries hosted a dinner for the new missionaries coming from within Mongolia. They had been here for a temple prep class. They are on their way to the MTC in the Philippines for two weeks and then they’ll returned as official missionaries. We fixed a big dinner with lots of meat–that’s what Mongolians love–and potatoes, carrots, rolls, etc. It was a very nice night and these young people were very excited to serve. It was wonderful to see them with such mature attitudes and testimonies about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They will definitely be a wonderful addition to our small army.

Then, a couple days later, we invited our branch Elders for dinner. They had talked about sweet pork burritos and how they missed them so I hunted some pork down and the Elders were so surprised when they saw what we’d fixed. It was a fun time and they are both quite the good guys. One is a big BYU fan so a lot of sports was talked about.

We have been teaching English for almost a month now and finally have some good feedback! Our mission president went to dinner with the Ministry of Labor and they were very pleased with our teaching. In fact, another company is hoping to get on board with missionaries in the future! The employees will be able to get better jobs within the company if they speak English. We are enjoying the students and getting to know them as people so it’s not nearly as nervous as it was at first. We are teaching as many as 11-12 people in the beginning and intermediate classes and only four who are quite good speakers but they need lots of experience with conversation. We spend a couple hours in preparation and then the three hours of teaching for three days every week. It takes an additional hour for travel so we spend the better part of three days a week as English instructors.

One day this week, a Mongolian man came into our office needing help with a cover letter to accompany his resume. He was such a pleasant man with very good English and a big smile on his face. We were helping him and discovered that he was not a member of the church. He had been a tour guide for ten years (so his resume stated) and he said that he had been interested in our church but when he mentioned it to one of the tourists the tourist warned him about the Joseph Smith story so he decided against it. He said he didn’t smoke or drink but he had to have his hot tea. Well, we started sharing our testimonies of our church…he listened…and, after finishing his business, Elder Francom asked if he’d like to meet with someone to answer additional question and he said “YES!” so we found some missionaries upstairs and they sat with him for awhile. It was quite an amazing time to spend with him and we were able to reflect on our testimonies of the Gospel.

We are two of 88,000 missionaries who are trying to do good works everyday. We are proud to be counted among those doing this amazing work!!! When we spend time with a person here or a person there, we hope they will feel of our Heavenly Father’s Spirit and want to learn more. With 15,000,000 members who already know that this is the Church of Jesus Christ and that Joseph Smith was appointed as the prophet to bring it back to our day we are humbled to be doing our small part in this big work of hastening to take the gospel to the world. This is a wonderful thing in our lives right now and we are so grateful to strengthen our testimonies.

Elder and Sister Francom

PS…It’s late…pictures are few if any so we’re going to bed!!! 🙂


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