It’s Getting Better…Clothes!!!

Hi from way…way…far away!  We received our luggage on Monday!!!  Oh, so nice!  Oh, so nice!  Of course, everything is squished and wrinkled but it’s a few changes of clothes!  We didn’t get them until about 4:00 pm but we’re not complaining–we have clothes to wear.  Yes, that means Elder Francom will be dressing in suits now instead of casual pants and a white shirts with a GREEN tie off the racks of the mission home!  It also means that I can do my hair and get rid of the “wash-and-wear-look!”  I will be doing a bit of ironing and we’ll move forward!

Well, now I know what a “Zone Conference” is.  We had one yesterday and it was good with a fun contest at the end.  Then, they fed us lunch and we took a tour of the mission home.  It’s amazing how many people work in the place and every office seems to have it’s own interpreter…yes, a nice necessity!  We are going to be in the basement in a small room with no windows and two little computer places.  It’s OK…I’m still not sure what we do???  We met again with President Benson and he told us lots of customs that we needed to be aware of so we need to take that to heart as to not offend the people.  Did you know that our feet are very dirty so you never sit so anyone can see the soles of your feel?  Oh, and if you touch someone accidently with your foot, you quickly shake their hand!  Did you know that you NEVER set a book on the ground? Did you know you must step over a door threshold as you enter a home and when you go into a ger (gair) you must go clockwise?  We didn’t get as far as he wanted so we might hear from him today but he is one busy man.  He seems to be well liked by all the young missionaries and he had a competition at the end of Zone Conference that kept everyone on their toes.
After meeting with him, we went with all the other senior couples and walked downtown…it was a healthy walk of about two miles which is OK but a little uncomfortable in the dress shoes I was wearing.  The other women seem to have these black shoes that must be better for such things because we really hoofed it!!!  We went to a cultural show that cost about $15 each.  It was amazing entertainment with beautiful costumes and strange instruments that made unique but beautiful sounds.  I thought of all my grandkids when the contortionist came out.  She was amazing with what she did with her body!  You would have loved it!!!  Of course, neither of us took our cameras but we’re still in that learning mode so no pictures of that–darn!!!  Then we found a place to eat, I had pizza and Dad had seafood stew (not much seafood here but he said it was good).  We finally walked back home and it was about 10:00pm by then so I unpacked some of my clothes and fell into bed.
Well, today is another day!  We have English training from 9-2:00 and again tomorrow.  Somehow, we’ll figure out what we’re supposed to be doing after that.  We heard from Englands–I asked how to use the washer–and they would come back in a minute!  He was funny…he left the Russian instructions on top, surely that should have been sufficient!!!  So, I’m going to go try to do my first batch of wash and put it on the “dryer-rack” for the day.  Here we go!
Hope all is well at home and we think of you almost all our waking hours!!!  Love, Elder and Sister Francom



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